2020 Wildfire Mitigation Plans (WMP)



Small and Multijurisdictional Utilities

Bear Valley

Independent Transmission Owners

2020 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Guidance/Templates

On December 16, 2019, the Commission issued a Resolution WSD-001.

  1. WMP Guidelines – WMP Guidelines, which include long-term approach for the WMP review timeline, requirements for the utility filings, and a mapping of the WMP Guidelines to statutory requirements.
  2. Utility Wildfire Mitigation Maturity Model – Utility Wildfire Mitigation Maturity Model, which describes a methodology and provides a framework that can be used to assess utility capabilities in reducing wildfire risk and corresponding maturity levels. The Utility Wildfire Mitigation Maturity Model was corrected for errors following the December 16, 2019 ruling, and is provided in both clean and redline versions.
  3. Utility Survey – Utility Survey, which collects utility information relevant to the Utility Wildfire Mitigation Maturity Model.
  4. WMP Metrics – WMP Metrics, which evaluate each utility’s wildfire mitigation approach, progress, and results related to ongoing wildfire mitigation activities.
  5. Supplemental Data Request – Supplemental Data Request, which outlines a broader set of data that the Commission is requesting from utilities and intends to formalize in requirements in the 2021 WMP process to evaluate utility plans, activities, and outcomes in greater detail.

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