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Wildfire Mitigation and Safety

Energy Safety assesses electrical corporations’ Wildfire Mitigation Plans, safety culture assessments, safety certifications, and executive compensation structures.

Wildfire Mitigation Plans

Electrical corporations are required to prepare and submit Wildfire Mitigation Plans (WMPs) to Energy Safety for review and approval. WMPs should describe how the electrical corporation is constructing, maintaining, and operating its electrical lines and equipment in a manner that will minimize the risk of catastrophic wildfire.

Safety Culture Assessments

Energy Safety conducts an annual Safety Culture Assessment (SCA) for each electrical corporation. Energy Safety conducts annual SCAs of California’s electrical corporations to evaluate their progress toward safety culture maturity.

Safety Certifications

Energy Safety reviews for issuance electrical corporations requests for a safety certification.

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Executive Compensation Structures

Energy Safety reviews electrical corporations executive compensation structures for approval.