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Electrical Infrastructure Safety

Electrical Safety Policy Division

Energy Safety assesses electrical corporations’ Wildfire Mitigation Plans, safety culture assessments, safety certifications, and executive compensation structures.

Environmental Science Division

The Environmental Science Division is responsible for evaluating the vegetation management aspects of utility Wildfire Mitigation Plans (WMPs), assessing performance in meeting vegetation management-related commitments described in the WMPs, and ensuring that each utility is reducing its risk of igniting a catastrophic wildfire.

Underground construction work

Electrical Undergrounding Division

The Electrical Undergrounding Division is responsible for the approval or denial of electrical corporations’ voluntary 10-year undergrounding plans. Per SB 884 (McGuire), electrical corporations may submit for approval a plan for the undergrounding of their electric distribution lines. The Electrical Undergrounding Division also monitors compliance with approved plans.

Auditor reviewing documents on the computer

Electrical Compliance Division

Energy Safety conducts inspections, audits, and investigations to oversee utility compliance with approved Wildfire Mitigation Plans.

Data Analytics Division

The Data Analytics Division supports the operational needs of the Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety. The Division is focused on data analysis and GIS development to enable data-driven decision making.