What We Do

Learn more about our electrical and underground infrastructure safety efforts below.

Electrical Infrastructure Directorate

Energy Safety assesses electrical corporations’ Wildfire Mitigation Plans, safety culture assessments, safety certifications, and executive compensation structures. We maintain compliance through field inspections, audits, and reviews of the utility compliance.


Wildfire Safety Advisory Board

The Wildfire Safety Advisory Board advises the Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety on electrical corporations’ Wildfire Mitigation Plans (WMP), requirements for these plans, and other wildfire safety matters.

Small excavator landcaping

Underground Infrastructure Directorate

The Underground Infrastructure Directorate supports the Underground Safety Board in investigating excavation accidents, developing excavation safety standards and coordinating education and outreach programs.


Excavator working around the underground pipe

Underground Safety Board

The Underground Safety Board investigates excavation accidents, develops excavation safety standards and coordinates education and outreach programs.