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Did you know that the solar industry is affected by California’s “call before you dig” law? In order to ground the solar equipment and prevent damage during a lightning strike, a grounding system consisting of one or more lightning rods is usually installed around the home. These rods need to be driven into the earth, which legally requires an excavation ticket. Find more info on this page regarding the law and how you can protect yourself.

Call Before you Dig

To find out more information on how the Area of Continual Excavation Ticket can assist you prior to any agricultural digging, download our latest Fact Sheets:

For areas of continual excavation that include or are within 10 feet of a high priority subsurface installation, an onsite meeting between a representative of the excavator and the operator of the high priority subsurface installation is required and must be facilitated by using an Area of Continual Excavation Agreement, downloadable below.

If the ACE does not contain a high priority subsurface installation and is more than 10 feet away from any high priority subsurface installation, then the operator or excavator may request an optional onsite meeting regarding using the Area of Continual Excavation Optional Agreement, downloadable below.

To help you navigate the online process, the Underground Safety Board has developed guides to walk you through the process of submitting an ACE Ticket in you live in California.

Underground Service Alert (Northern California)

DigAlert (Southern California)

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