The Underground Safety Board’s complaint process is designed to improved safety. Investigations staff therefore actively limit the influence of liability in determining what accidents and complaints to investigate.


What you need

If you believe you have identified a safety violation or concern, please provide enough information for us to fully understand the issue. Be sure to include what the activity was, who was involved, when did it occur, where did it happen, and how did it happen. Please include any documentation you have that may support your complaint.

Follow the link below to fill out our complaint form.


Note that this form may not be useful in addressing issues that require immediate attention, as investigations may take several months. For immediate safety issues, contact your local utility or law enforcement.

The information you submit may be subject to disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act (Gov’t Code §§6250-6270.7).


What happens after I file a complaint?

If we are able to pursue your complaint, it will be assigned to an investigator within approximately two business days. We will send you an email or contact you via the telephone.