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Requirement to Provide Electronic Positive Response (EPR)

Underground Safety Board

As of January 1, 2021 California law (Government Code 4216.3(c)(1)(A)) requires that every operator of a subsurface installation, not granted an extension pursuant to 19 CCR 4020 make an electronic positive response (EPR) to each applicable excavation location request ticket through the appropriate regional notification center before the legal excavation start date. From July 1 to October 1, 2020 the California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board provided an opportunity for operators to apply for extensions to this requirement. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Approved Extensions

Pursuant to Government Code 4216.3 and implementing regulation 19 CCR 4020 the California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board extended the deadline to provide electronic positive responses to December 31, 2021 for the following operators:

Reference Number Organization Name Member ID Code/s Date of Board Approval
EPR-2020-07-17-001 City of Los Angeles, Department of Water & Power LAP04, LAP4W, LAWP2, LAWP3. 8/10/2020
EPR-2020-08-11-002 City of Santa Monica Water SM015 9/14/2020
EPR-2020-09-14-003 Irvine Ranch Water District PRIRW01 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-14-004 City of Los Angeles, Department of Transportation CITYLADOT 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-25-005 City of Los Angeles, Information Technology Agency CITYLAITA 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-25-006 City of Healdsburg HEALED, HEALPW 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-25-007 University of California Davis Health UCDMC1 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-28-008 City of Greenfield CTYGRN 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-28-010 Valley Children’s Hospital CHCCAL 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-28-011 RMX Resources / Matrix Oil Corporation MatrixLHH, MatrixCOC, MatrixWH 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-28-012 Shaver Lake Propane SHLPRO 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-28-013 County of Calaveras Department of Public Works COCALA (Billing ID 104827) 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-28-014 City of Rancho Santa Margarita RSM 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-28-015 City of El Segundo ELS01DIST 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-28-063 Sand Canyon Oaks Mutual Water Company None 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-29-017 City of Cloverdale CTYCLV 112872 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-29-018 Rio Linda/elverta Community Water District RELWTR 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-29-019 Rubidoux Community Services District RCS01 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-020 City of La Mesa LAM01 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-021 City of Brawley BRA01 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-022 City of Pasadena, Department of Water & Power PAS01, PAS02, PASPW 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-023 County of Placer COPLAC, COPLA2, COPLA4 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-024 City of Susanville CTYSUS 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-026 Lakeside Park Mutual Water Company, Lakeside Park Association LPAWTR 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-027 Frazier Park Public Utility District FPAPUD Billing Code #144627 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-028 Town of windsor Windsor Water District WINWTR 00001X 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-030 City of Hemet HEM01 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-032 Bighorn-Desertview Water Agency BDVDIST 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-033 Apple Inc. APPLEI 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-034 City of El Cajon ELCJ01 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-035 Castro Valley Sanitary District CASSAN 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-036 City of Monrovia MOR01, MOR02 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-037 Big Rock CSD BIGCSD 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-038 City of Santee SNT01 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-09-30-039 City of Cathedral City CAT 01
EPR-2020-09-30-040 City of Lemon Grove LEM01 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-041 Rocky Comfort Mutual Water Company ROCKY 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-042 Sewerage Commission – Oroville Region (SC-OR) OROSWR 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-043 Mission Hills Community Services District MHC01DIST 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-044 Buttonwillow County Water District USANorth811 Member Code BWCWTR 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-045 City of Huntington Beach Water HUN01 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-046 Franklin County Water District FRAWTR 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-047 City of Richmond Public Works CTYRCH 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-048 City of Gonzales CTYGON 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-049 USA Media Group/NPG Cable/Suddenlink Communications/Altice USA SDAUB / SUDHUM / USATRU 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-050 City of Emeryville CTYEME 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-051 California Department of Water Resources-San Joaquin FD CADBFD Billing ID: 105749 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-052 California Department of Water Resources – Southern Field Division CALDWR 12/1/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-053 South Coast Water District Joint Regional Water Supply System SCWDJRWSS 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-054 Happy Camp Community Services District HAPCSD 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-055 Donald J. Calegari Enterprises Inc., on behalf of Homestead Valley Sanitary District HVASAN00001W 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-056 Donald J. Calegari Enterprises Inc., on behalf of Almonte Sanitary District ALMSAN00002X 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-057 Donald J. Calegari Enterprises Inc., on behalf of Alto Sanitary District ALTSAN00003X 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-058 City of Burbank Water and Power BUR67, BUR67A 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-059 San Lucas County Water District SLSWTR 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-060 City of Oakland CTYOAK 11/16/2020
EPR-2020-10-01-062 Westlake Lake Management Assoc WESTLAKE 11/16/2020

A PDF table of EPR extensions above is available here.

While applications are no longer being accepted, information on the application process and the applications received, is archived on the webpage: EPR Application Process.

What is Electronic Positive Response (EPR)?

An EPR is a standardized code that notifies a contractor/excavator that you (the facility owner or operator) have responded to the ticket and the manner in which you have responded, such as whether the ticket area is clear of your facilities, you have completed the locate and marking of your facilities, or you ran into an issue or emergency in responding to the ticket.

EPR Extension Application Report

This report is updated with the complete list of applications and the status of Board action.

EPR Extension Application Report last updated 12/3/20:

Download the current EPR Extension Application report.

Guide to Extension Status:

  • “Pending” means that the Board has received your application and a date of action will be scheduled soon.
  • “Scheduled” means that the Board has scheduled your application for a date of action.
  • “Acted” means that the Board has decided on your extension application.