Wildfire Safety Migration Efforts

As of May 2020, the Wildfire Safety Division has inspectors in the field across the state to assure utilities comply with wildfire mitigation and public safety power shutoff reduction activities they committed to in their Wildfire Mitigation Plans. The work of the inspectors includes field verification of utility Wildfire Mitigation Plan activities reported by electrical corporations, independent inspections of electrical corporation assets for wildfire ignition hazards, and investigation of public complaints related to utility wildfire safety activities.

The work of the Wildfire Safety Division inspectors is augmented by third-party utility wildfire subject-matter and risk management experts and engineers under contract with the Wildfire Safety Division to conduct electric line inspections, land surveying, worker safety monitoring, document review, and materials testing. Digital inspection technologies is utilized as part of this work, such as remote sensing (LiDAR, photogrammetry, and smart sensor), and mobile GIS for all wildfire mitigation plan compliance assurance activities.