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Public Comments Received by the Wildfire Safety Advisory Board

The California Wildfire Safety Advisory Board is a board of independent experts that advise the Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety and Electric Publicly-Owned Utilities and Cooperatives on wildfire safety measures.

All inquiries may be submitted to wsab@energysafety.ca.gov.

For instructions on how to register for these and other service lists and to submit comments, please see http://energysafety.ca.gov/events-and-meetings/how-to-participate-in-public-events/:

  • POU WMPs
  • IOU WMPs
  • WMP guidelines, performance metrics, and safety culture assessment:

Public comments should be submitted to one of the Board’s two e-filing dockets:

  • Electric Publicly Owned Utility and Cooperative Wildfire Mitigation Plan Docket — This docket is for all comments relating to the Wildfire Mitigation Plans of Electric Publicly Owned Utility and Cooperative Wildfire Mitigation Plans.
  • Wildfire Safety Advisory Board Wildfire Mitigation Plan Guidelines, Performance Metrics, and Safety Culture Assessment Docket — This docket is for any public comments related to the Board’s recommendations on future guidelines for Investor-Owned Utility Wildfire Mitigation Plans.

August 2022

Comments received pursuant to the August 18 meeting and the Board’s Safety Culture Assessment recommendations:

  • PG&E, SCE and SDG&E Joint Comments
  • Public Advocates 

April 2022

Comments received on the Wildfire Safety Advisory Board’s  Recommendations to OEIS on Additional WMP Requirements and Performance Metrics:

August 2020