Underground Safety Board Rulemaking

Underground Safety Board

The Dig Safe Act of 2016 created the California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board to enforce Government Code 4216. It directed the Board to create rules and regulations where none currently exist to improve worker and public safety across the state. Under California law, the rulemaking process ensures that all stakeholder and community voices are heard and that all viable options for action have been considered. Only after prescribed periods of public notice and public input is a measure adopted. To ensure that the adopted regulation meets the original directives of California’s legislature, an independent review by the Office of Administrative Law is undertaken before the regulation can take effect.

2023 Technical Updates

Nonsubstantive Regulations Adopted by the Underground Infrastructure Directorate

2023-0915-03N – title 19, div. 4 Non-Regulatory Effect Changes  

This action without regulatory effect makes technical amendments to regulations promulgated pursuant to the Dig Safe Act of 2016, Senate Bill No. 661 (Stats. 2016, c. 809), including updating references to an outdated website address, references to an outdated physical address for which payments are to be received, and the insignias and related regulatory references in incorporated forms.

Amended: Title 19 of the California Code of Regulations, sections 4000, 4002, 4100, 4252, 4253, 4256, 4351, and 4361.

Regulation Text

            ACE Form 01 Ag 

            ACE Form 02 Flood

Statement of Changes Without Regulatory Effect

Notice of Approval 

Form 400 

Date submitted to OAL: 09/15/2023 

Date approved by OAL: 10/25/2023 

Effective date: Changes Without Regulatory Effect (Cal. Code Regs., title 1, §100), filed with the Secretary of State: 10/25/2023 

Posted Date: 11/3/2023