Independent Evaluators

Pursuant to Public Utilities Code (PU Code) 8386.3(c)(2), each year, Energy Safety, in consultation with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), must publish a list of qualified independent evaluators (IEs).  The IEs must have experience assessing the safe operation of electrical infrastructure. Each electrical corporation must then engage a qualified IE from the list to review and assess the corporation’s compliance with its WMP. The engaged IE consults with and operates under the direction of Energy Safety. The IEs must issue an annual compliance report on July 1, which is made publicly available through Energy Safety’s e-Filing System.

Independent Evaluator Reports

These reports were prepared by the Electrical Corporation’s (EC’s) contracted Independent Evaluator (IE) to fulfill the requirements of Public Utilities Code Section 8386.3(c)(2)(B)(i). The content of these reports are the work product of the respective IE. The findings and conclusions in these reports do not represent the views or opinions of the Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety (Energy Safety) or any of its employees. Pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 8386.3(c)(2)(B)(ii) the IE’s findings are not binding on Energy Safety. Neither Energy Safety nor the State of California, nor any officer, employee, or any of its contractors or subcontractors makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability whatsoever for the contents of these documents.