Energy Safety Issues Revision Notice for PacifiCorp’s 2023-2025 Wildfire Mitigation Plan

SACRAMENTO – The Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety (Energy Safety) today issued a Revision Notice for PacifiCorp’s 2023-25 Wildfire Mitigation Plan. The revision notice identified six critical issues with PacifiCorp’s WMP that must be satisfactorily addressed for the plan to be considered for approval. PacifiCorp has 30 days to respond. Stakeholders will have an opportunity to submit comments within 15 calendar days of Energy Safety’s receipt of PacifiCorp’s response.


The six critical issues include:


  1. PacifiCorp does not provide the status of its 2022 areas for continued improvement.
  2. PacifiCorp’s mitigation initiative prioritization schematic is missing required details.
  3. PacifiCorp does not clearly describe its current or future mitigation identification and evaluation procedures.
  4. PacifiCorp has not assigned imminent threat status to any Level 1 conditions found during inspections from 2020 to 2022 and has not maintained compliance with its existing Level 1 work orders.
  5. PacifiCorp’s three- and 10-year vegetation management objectives do not meet Energy Safety requirements as outlined in the Technical Guidelines.
  6. PacifiCorp does not provide target pass rates for vegetation management quality assurance and control program as required by the Technical Guidelines.


Energy Safety’s PacifiCorp revision notice spells out required remedies that the electrical corporation must satisfactorily address or risk approval of it 2023-2025 WMP.


The Revision Notice includes a timetable for the process. Liberty Utilities’ response is due by October 11, public comments are due by October 26, reply comments are due by November 6, and Energy Safety is scheduled to release a draft WMP decision by January 4, 2024.


For additional help in posting a public comment, please visit Energy Safety’s public comment page.