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Data Analytics

Data analysis and GIS development to enable data-driven decision making.
Creation, maintenance, distribution, and operationalization of data across wildfire stakeholders, enabling data-supported decisions that are faster, more consistent, and more transparent.

Data Guidelines

Current Data Guidelines Submission Template Documents and Guidance:

Version 3.2 (Data Guidelines)

Previous Data Submission Template Documents and Guidance:

Version 1.0 (Non-Guidelines)

Version 2.0 (Non-Guidelines)

Version 2.1 (Non-Guidelines)

Version 2.2 (Non-Guidelines)

Version 2.2 (GIS Data Guidelines)

Version 3.0 (Data Guidelines)

Version 3.1 (Data Guidelines)

Please visit the Data Guidelines docket in Energy Safety’s e-filing system.


*Note, Wildfire Mitigation Data Tables were not part of the Data Guidelines until version 3.0. Guidelines. Guidelines for the Wildfire Mitigation Data Tables prior to version 3.0 are found in the Wildfire Mitigation Technical and Process Guidelines dockets.