Administrative Services Division

A meeting room with many participants.

Business Operations Unit

The Business Operations Unit is responsible for supporting the department through the management and coordination of  fleet management, asset management, travel program, facilities, reprographics,  mailroom, and forms/document management.

Audit business meeting

Information Technology Section

The Information Technology Section is responsible for supporting and leading all of the department’s technological efforts by providing technical support, system and architecture development, system engineering, and information security.

Evaluator business meeting

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office is responsible for the planning, management, coordination, and communication of all major internal Energy Safety projects.

Auditor reviewing documents on the computer

Procurement Unit

The Procurement Unit is responsible for providing support and consultation for the procurement of goods and services.

Evaluator business meeting

Human Resources Section

The Human Resources Section is responsible for supporting the people operations of the department through administering programs and services such as classification and pay, exams, certifications, recruitment, labor relations, transactions, payroll, return-to-work, performance management, and disability benefits.