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Energy Safety's Draft Five-Year Strategic Plan: 2024-2029

Energy Safety is currently developing a Strategic Plan that will inform the direction of the department during the next five years. This plan will guide Energy Safety as it builds upon its initial foundation and impact since the creation of the department in 2021. Read on to learn more about the current Draft Strategic Plan, including the Vision, Mission, Values, Principles, Goals, and Objectives.

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Our Mission

To create a safer, sustainable California with utility infrastructure that is managed to reduce excavation and wildfire risk and adapts to an evolving climate.

Our Vision

A safe, sustainable utility infrastructure in California with no catastrophic excavation incidents or electrical utility-ignited wildfires.

Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Leadership

  • People

  • Safety

  • Stewardship

Our Principles

  • Equity

  • Data-Forward

  • Collaboration

  • Sustainability

  • Empowerment

Our Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1: SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT: Drive utility operators and excavators to strengthen their safety culture and adopt effective safety risk mitigation practices

1.1 Develop an agile, dynamic safety and risk model to guide the department in conducting best-in-field risk management

1.2 Embed risk mitigation methodology and practices into department resources, policies, and processes for operators and excavators

1.3 Facilitate knowledge-building of risk factors and mitigation approaches among operators and excavators

GOAL 2: DATA: Expand data capabilities for greater real-time and predictive insights that grow departmental knowledge on infrastructure safety and organizational performance

2.1 Establish a descriptive and diagnostic data system to monitor risk, assess performance, and investigate incidents

2.2 Develop a future insights data system that pinpoints key risk factors and identifies critical strategies for effective risk mitigation

2.3 Establish a collaborative, compliant data governance culture that enables strategic reporting and decision-making

GOAL 3: PEOPLE AND CULTURE: Build an equitable, modern organization that attracts, engages, and retains employees and strengthens organizational continuity

3.1 Strengthen in-house hiring capabilities to meet the pressing talent attraction needs of the department.

3.2 Establish a talent development framework that strengthens staff technical knowledge and provides continued professional growth opportunities

3.3 Operationalize a talent retention and succession planning strategy to sustain institutional knowledge

3.4 Design a phased effort to embed equity into Energy Safety culture and systems

3.5 Maintain and showcase the innovative, collaborative culture that reinforces the attraction and retention of an effective team

GOAL 4: OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Scale operational capacity that accounts for department growth while maintaining Energy Safety standards of quality

4.1 Optimize operational systems and processes that facilitate cross-functional communication and collaboration

4.2 Implement technology that streamlines workflows and meets shifting service and data needs of the department

4.3 Expand the internal communications strategy of the department for timely, relevant information dissemination that upholds organizational effectiveness and cohesion

4.4 Mature records-keeping practices into an intuitive system that maintains compliant, standardized, organized, and efficient records and documents management

GOAL 5: PARTNERSHIP: Foster a coordinated network of tribal, local, state, federal, and industry partners for infrastructure safety

5.1 Cultivate tribal, local, state, federal, and industry partnerships to collaborate on infrastructure safety needs

5.2 Engage stakeholders to deploy approaches to infrastructure safety risk identification, risk mitigation, and responsiveness to infrastructure risk-induced community vulnerability

5.3 Grow external communications to raise external brand awareness and perception among key partner stakeholders

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Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety
715 P Street, 20th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 902-6000

Gavin Newsom, Governor
State of California

Wade Crowfoot, Secretary
California Natural Resources Agency

Caroline Thomas Jacobs, Director
Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety (Energy Safety)