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Publicly Owned Utility and Electrical Cooperative Wildfire Mitigation Plans

Assembly Bill 1054 (Holden, 2019) directed the California Wildfire Safety Advisory Board (the Board) to review and provide Advisory Opinions regarding the content and sufficiency of each Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) submitted by Electric Publicly Owned Utilities and Cooperatives (together, POU), as well as providing any additional recommendations for wildfire mitigation.

The Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety reviews the  WMPs of the Investor-Owned Utilities.

The Board’s Advisory Opinions are available on the Publications page.

The Board is requesting all POUs re-submit their WMPs to the new docket system.   The WMPs submitted in 2021 are available in the Electric Publicly Owned Utility and Cooperative Docket.

All inquiries may be submitted to wsab@energysafety.ca.gov.