Energy Safety Releases Electrical Corporations’ 2023 Safety Culture Assessment Reports

SACRAMENTO – The Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety (Energy Safety) today released its 2023 Safety Culture Assessment (SCA) Reports on California’s electrical corporations. Energy Safety’s SCAs were conducted in 2023 and the reports provide findings and recommendations associated with the electrical corporations’ progress toward their safety culture maturity.

Energy Safety assesses safety culture outcomes over time and incorporates continuous learning into the Safety Culture Assessment process. The 2023 SCAs include a workforce survey, a management self-assessment, submission of safety culture objectives, lessons learned, and progress made on Energy Safety’s 2022 SCA recommendations. The 2023 SCAs were conducted by the National Safety Council.

Electrical corporations seeking a safety certification can agree to implement the findings of their safety culture assessments to establish “good standing,” one of the requirements for a safety certification. For more information on Safety Certifications, please see Safety Certification FAQ.