Energy Safety Releases Substantial Vegetation Management Audit of PG&E’s 2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Update

SACRAMENTO- The Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety (Energy Safety) today released its audit of Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) 2021vegetation management work. The audit found that there were nine 2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Update (WMP) initiatives (of 20 audited) that must be corrected.


The nine initiatives to be corrected are related to multiple instances of incomplete vegetation management work, vegetation management inspections, vegetation management work training, tree remediation, and substation inspections.


PG&E will have 10 business days to correct the deficiencies specified in the audit. Energy Safety also found that PG&E performed the work required for the remaining 11 initiatives in its WMP.


More information can be found on Energy Safety’s 2021 WMP Substantial Vegetation Management Audits docket log.