Energy Safety to Hold Public Hearing on SCE Notices of Violation and a Notice of Defect

SACRAMENTO – The Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety (Energy Safety) will conduct a written public hearing in response to issuance of Notices of Violation (NOV) and a Notice of Defect (NOD) to Southern California Edison (SCE).

Written public comment will be accepted from Feb. 6, 2023 to Feb. 27, 2023. SCE has until March 10 to respond. Written comments may be submitted to or comments may be mailed to 715 P Street, 20th Floor, Sacramento, California 95814.

SCE was issued NOVs for failure to install vibration dampeners and an NOD for the separation of strands on a power line. SCE has a statutory requirement to maintain and operate its equipment to minimize wildfire risk through work it identifies in its Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP). SCE requested the public hearing on the NOVs and the NOD.

The hearing is conducted pursuant to Government Code section 15475.4(b), which establishes the purpose of the hearing: to “take public comment or present additional information” from the electrical corporation requesting the hearing.

After receiving that information, the hearing officer will make a proposed determination that the information available “supports [each] alleged deficiency, violation, or failure to act” set forth in the Notices of Violation and the single Notice of Defect. (Cal. Code. Regs., title 14, § 29104(e).).