Energy Safety Issues Safety Certifications to PG&E, SCE, and Bear Valley Electric Service

Electrical Corporations Satisfy Statutory Actions Related to Safety

SACRAMENTO – The Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety (Energy Safety) today issued safety certifications to three electrical corporations for satisfying seven statutory actions related to safety. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and Bear Valley Electric Service (BVES) each received a safety certification that will remain in effect for 12 months.

The safety certification validates that a utility has documented completion of statutory (Pub. Util. Code § 8389(e)[1-7]) actions related to investments in safety. It does not constitute an affirmation by Energy Safety that a utility has taken all possible steps to prevent its equipment from causing wildfires. Nor does it shield a utility from liability or litigation.

Please see the Safety Certification FAQ for more information.