1. Contracting Opportunities

Contracting Opportunities

Contracts Out for Bid

Energy Safety encourages Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE), and Certified Small Businesses (SB) and Microbusinesses (MB) participation in all contracts.

The following contracts have been listed with Cal eProcure. For the most current information, please visit Cal eProcure as this list may not be all-inclusive.

Note: All Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety events listed in Cal eProcure will show the “Department of General Services” listed under the “Dept:” section.


Event ID Event Description End Date
0000023229 Consulting Services for Energy Safety Safety Culture Assessment 05/12/2022  2:00PM PDT
0000023320 Compliance Division Independent Evaluator Program Development 05/24/2022  2:00PM PDT